Ralph Sonny Barger with Keith and Kent Zimmerman Hells Angel

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Ralph Sonny Barger with Keith and Kent Zimmerman Hells Angel


You gotta be alert. We are a club. Its different from other vehicles. Its a real show of power and solidarity when youre a Hells Angel. A group of Hells Angels cruising down the road, riding next to each other and traveling at a speed of over eighty miles an hour, is a real sight. Its being free and getting away from all the bullshit. Its something else, a whole other thing, when youre in the pack riding. A motorcycle run is a get-together, a moving party. Angels dont go on runs looking for trouble; we go to ride our bikes and to have a good time together. Whatever happens to the guy in front of you is going to happen to you. Most Hells Angels are great riders. Like Fuzzy, an Oakland Angel, once said, God damn, we do eighty-five or ninety in the rain sometimes. I dont even go that fast in my car! Its fast and dangerous and by God, you better be paying attention.

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