Robert Andrews & Jules Brown The Rough Guide to Sicily

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Robert Andrews & Jules Brown The Rough Guide to Sicily


This fully updated eighth edition of The Rough Guide to Sicily uncovers the very best places to eat, sleep and see, and offers all the advice and information youll need to enjoy your stay. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans have left their temples, theatres, castles and churches - still there to be explored, together with perfect Baroque towns, gorgeous beaches, buzzing street markets, stunning scenery and vibrant festivals! Part of Italy but with a spirit and identity all of its own, beautiful and enigmatic Sicily has been shaped by its place at the crossroads of Mediterranean history.

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Ошо, Зеланд В. Таро Трансформации. Глубокие прозрения - каждый день. Таро пространства вариантов. Чудо медитации. Секрет трансформации (комплект из 2 книг + DVD)

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