Md. Salah Uddin Yusuf Lightning Surge Analysis: A Simulation Approach

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Md. Salah Uddin Yusuf Lightning Surge Analysis: A Simulation Approach


In this book, the analysis of surge response have been carried out in the several arrangements. For the accurate analysis of lightning surge the Numerical Electromagnetic Code based on the Method of Moments is chosen, since it has been widely and successfully used in analyzing a tower system. Each of the arrangement of the current lead wire affects the measured surge impedance of the vertical conductor and that has been explained details in this book. In all cases, the voltage measuring wire is placed at the perpendicular to the current lead wire. Finally, this book presents some critical analysis concerning the simulation of electromagnetic transient in transmission lines caused by direct and indirect strikes of..? Particularly, for tall structure as EHV or UHV double-circuit towers, the surge characteristics become more dominant owing to the longer round-trip time of a traveling wave in the tower. Lightning Surge Analysis is one of major interest for electric utility companies?

Н. Ш. Кремер, О. Г. Константинова, М. Н. Фридман Математика. Учебное

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Jack C. Richards, Carlos Barbisan, Chuck Sandy, Dorothy E. Zemach Connect 1: Woorkbook

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