Trollope, Joanna Friday Nights, Trollope, Joanna

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Trollope, Joanna Friday Nights, Trollope, Joanna


It was a time to share secrets and fears, triumphs and tragedies and, above all, to feel safe in the company of women friends. They were six female friends, different in age and circumstances, but with one common need: the warmth and support of their Friday nights. Friday nights, the best night of the week, the night they all looked forward to more than they cared to admit - talking, drinking, laughing and crying together. But things never stay the same forever, especially when a man is introduced into the mix.

Батыр Сеидович Каррыев Хроники ИТ-революции

Anton Tsehhov Kingsepp ja paharet

Ишков М. Никола Тесла. Изобретатель тайн

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    сайд супер простов еуееееуууууу ))))))=******

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    Согласен, это забавное сообщение

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    Плохо, что он брал.

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    Два верзилы у девушки.

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