Vanesa Rodriguez Osuna Smallholder production and climate risk

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Vanesa Rodriguez Osuna Smallholder production and climate risk


Past Amazon droughts demonstrated the vulnerability of both forests and people to such local impacts of global climate change. It demonstrates that relative resource abundance in Amazonian producer settings is no guarantee for resilience against future climate shocks and that current climate related risks are not perceived as the most relevant. Climate change scenarios, however, significantly increase the share of climate shocks, especially for certain producer’s types. This book analyses and classifies representative producer’s types relevant for risk analysis and assesses the perception of climatic and non-climatic risks affecting local producers output and wellbeing. This producer risk analysis... The lack of appropriate risk-sharing institutions and safety nets are therefore likely to become a more important policy issue in the decades to come. Climate models consistently predict higher incidence of extreme weather events in the Amazon region as well as a warmer and drier climate.

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