Victor Cabre and Julie Waddington Scene Therapy

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Victor Cabre and Julie Waddington Scene Therapy


Scene therapy, the object of study of this book, aims to adapt different and already established psychotherapeutic elements to specific demands for psychological care. However, we will clearly define the characteristics that are specific to scene therapy and that differentiate it from other similar psychotherapies. Bearing in mind that the field of psychotherapy is already sufficiently complex and diverse, it could be argued that introducing a new term to name our experience is gratuitous given the risk that it carries of increasing the already profuse field of psychotherapies. It is therefore not, strictly speaking, a new psychotherapy, but rather a particular way of using certain psychotherapeutic techniques. We will do this using a theoretical, technical and methodological formulation and by providing examples of different aspects of the work that... Therefore, it is important to emphasise that, in general, we are referring to a psychoanalytically oriented mode of group psychotherapy.

Федор Достоевский Село Степанчиково и его обитатели

Попов Д.Н., Панаиотти С.С. Гидромеханика

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Волкова Р. Сильнее, чем женьшень. Орехи-целители

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