Nesbo J. Cockroaches

Рубрики: Триллеры

Nesbo J. Cockroaches


Its clear that the Ambassadors family are hiding some secrets of their own, but few people are willing to talk.He needs to solve a crime and avoid a scandalWhen Harry lays hands on some incriminating CCTV footage, things only get more complicated. Harry is on a special missionDetective Harry Hole arrives in a steaming hot Bangkok. The man who gave him the tape goes missing, and Harry realises that failing to solve a murder case is by no means the only danger that faces the unwary.But in an unfamiliar city, who can you trust?  . The Norwegian ambassador has been found dead in a seedy motel room, and Harry has been sent to investigate.

Морские прописи

Отсутствует Вещий мальчик

Ситель А. Б. Гимнастика будущего

Домашева-Самойленко Н., Самойленко В. О любви и единении начал

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